Friday, June 13, 2014

Ooooo YEAH!!!!

CAN YOU DIG IT?!  The Macho Man was my favorite wrestler!  He was loud, crazy, flamboyantly dressed, great athleticism, and hilarious on the mic.  He was a charismatic muscular genius.  Don't believe me or know what I'm talking about?  Check out this interview he did with the original Arseno Hall Show. (1992)

Miss you Macho man.


Jenny Sherman said...

i love :D

Bob Rissetto said...

Macho Man is one of the all-time greats! Nice work capturing him.

I never really liked the WWF when I was a kid ("this live action stuff is interrupting my cartoons!"), but many years later I really came to appreciate everything about the characters and showmanship and athleticism.

I did a loose animation of Macho Man for a tutorial at work and seeing your image encouraged me to post it and share with you:

There was a time a couple years ago where I was eating up all sorts of videos and matches and anything featuring classic WWF characters. And then Randy Savage passed away and I felt really weird that I was celebrating his work so late in my own life. Like I didn't appreciate him in his prime when I was kid and now he was gone. He was 100% entertainment and I couldn't respect him more for that passion. Oh yeah.


James W. Suhr said...

Thanks Bob! I really like that animation you did--some really nice poses in there, and the hand work was great. I understand the feeling you mentioned about finding someone late in life (or after), but either way, you are celebrating their greatness. OOoo YEAH!!